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My dad can beat up your dad....

So I didn't go to my new house to be to do any work, just for a quick look around with a friend of mine. He owns a landscaping company and was doing an estimate on cleaning the darn yard up. I hate yards. Why? They're a lot of work. It will cost me $225.00 to get it in top condition. I'm seriously considering doing it myself. The major problem is the debris left from the construction.


I really have to think about that one since I also have to cough up the money for the moving company and the electricity and blah blah blah blah blah.


In another note, I've decided not to go out tonight and just hit the sack early. Tomorrow I will be going to my new house to be and do some heavy work, so I better catch up on my sleep. I must say that the house is looking great and I'm very pleased with it. My dad kicks ass. HEHE did you ever got in a "My dad is better than yours" competition when you were a kid? I did!! They were endless, sometimes we would even continue on the same note the next day, since we had to go and find out more stuff about our dads. Those were fun... although I can't remember if any of us really got to win that silly contest. I do remember however that I really got to know my dad and the things he had accomplished, even the mischief he had gotten into. That was the best information to know, since it made your dad way cool. I also knew that he was not a super hero, but a human being who made mitakes just like me. I didn't feel so bad when I messed up after that. Just picked myself from whever I fell and kept on going. After all I am my father's daughter.


The puppy is gaining weight and I am thrilled! Hope everything continues like this for her. She really deserves a break from all that icky sickness stuff. She has been a trooper through all of it. Always enough energy to at least wag her fluffy tail at me whenever I'm in her sight.


Yes, I changed the look of diary again. I did not do it myself this time since I haven't "done" HTML in a while. I like this one though, and for now it will do just fine. Later when my muse decides to pay me a visit (since she seems to be stuck in holiday) I will do one on my own.

Well that is all for now.


8:43 pm - 10 January 2004


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