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Family roots...

OK, so it was J's family for real. We are elated with this turn of events. It turns out he has a sister, younger than him of course, she is 23. His mother unfortunately passed away four years ago of cancer. They will be sending him a picture of her tomorrow. He has 2 aunts and five cousins. His grandmother, who is 86 is atill alive and her name is Josephine. They do not know anything about his biological father.

Is funny, we always pictured his family like the characters taht Mike Meyers plays on Saturday night live, the big haired woman Linda Richman who love Barbara Streisand.

So he aimed his sister and talked to her until just now. He seems excited and a little afraid to tell you the truth. I guess it's normal, this is so unexpected. he definitely was not prepared for this at this point in his life. I'm sure he wishes he could have known his mother, but he says he's happy to at least see a picture of her. They do not know anything about his biological father though.

His family in a a state of chaos over this, but a good chaos nontheless. As he was talking to Jennifer, his sister, on AIM, she was getting phone calls from all over.

They at least know that he's african american, cause that would have been very funny indeed. Imagine all these italian people waiting for him at an airport and looking at an african american man running towards them. That would have been a kodak moment. He still thinks that he was put up for adoption because of his skin color. Anyways, they all seem to be genuinely happy about him being found. Let's hope that all of this is for a good purpose in all of our lives.

I personally don't know how I would react to something like this, or even how it feels to be adopted, but I do know that this is something that has influenced my husband's life in a big way. I just want to make him try and reach out to them and make peace with himself and these people who want to become part of his life.


12:40 am - 13 January 2004


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